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Introduction of the fun they had class 9 english notes

The children present in the story of the fun they had class 9 english notes will be in the future of technology and in the interesting aspect of technology. As a result, the future is set up where two children discuss the ways of operating in the previous day’s. The story was been written by Issac Amisov .

Moreover, they talked about the book which will now have instead of the E-book here ebooks means which are displayed on the screen of a computer or in the TV screen.

All about the story The Fun They Had English Class 9 Notes – NCERT

In this story, the authors say about how will be the technology improved in the future how will be it looks like. This is a very enjoyable and interesting story. This story is about the conversation between a little child in this lesson.

This story begins with two children Margie and Tommy. This has happened in the future World where computers dominate everything. moreover, it also shows how the perception of schools and classrooms has completely changed.

the fun they had class 9 english notes ncert


This story begins with Children Margie and Tommy. This had happened in the future World where computers dominate everything. Moreover, it is also shown how the perception of schools and classrooms has completely changed.

Starting of story

It was in 2157 that Margie wrote in her diary about Tommy’s discovery of a book. This book is about Tommy’s grandfather’s little boy. Margie learns how they use all the stories to print on paper.

Also, they read the book themselves and turn the pages and have fun.

It was fun because they are not yet in the habit of reading words, it is only in motion on one screen. In the future, we will learn that there are no books, only telebooks.

About Margie school

They store them in TV sets and computers. After that, it takes an interesting turn when they discuss school. Margie knows that schools were very different then.

They had real men who were teachers. This is amazing because she only has robots to teach her. Margie was frustrated. “School? What do you write about school? I hate school.”

Margie has always hated school, but now she hates it more than ever. After a test in geography, the machine teacher gave her a test and she did worse and worse until her mother has shook her head sadly and to sent her to the county inspector.

Taking mechanical teacher to county Inspector

The was a round little man with a red face. The county Inspector has dials and wires with him and he was smiling at Margie and give an apple to her then he took the teacher upon Margie have been hoping he wouldn’t know to put them together.

But she knew, how alright and after one hour or so there it was again large and black and ugly within a big screen on which lessons were been shown.

The most hated part of a Margie was mostly she wants to put her homework and test papers all in a slot and she was had to write them out in a punch code which has been learned. On that Margie was been 6 years old this was because mechanical teacher has been calculating the mass in no time. Margie was doing worse and worse on geography exams too.

Completing of reparing

The Inspector had smiled after he was finishing the work of the mechanical teacher. Now the mechanical teacher has been repaired and Pated Margie head he was saying to her mother it’s not a little girl’s fault Mrs. Jones.

I think that the Geography chapter was been geared and those was been happen sometimes. I have Slow it up to an average 10-year level.

Margie was disappointed by mechanical teacher.

So actually, they have to be conveyed pattern of her progress was been satisfactory and he pated the Margie’s head again. Since she was been disappointed because he think that the county Inspector cannot able repair the machine. Now the mechanical teacher had been repaired.

Since the county Inspector will take the a machine for one month so the girl is very happy but suddenly the county Inspector was been repaired the mechanical teacher.

here two children were discussing the old kind of schools. The children’s grandfathers were kids and was been studying in schools that teachers are been is human not like the mechanical teacher. But the Margie and Tommy teachers was been mechanical teachers.

Ending of lesson

At last, Margie was doing so with a sigh. He was she was always thinking about the old schools suddenly her mom has been calling for another online class.

She has been going to the class and listening by thinking about the old school kind of school. About the boys and girls discussing homework and playing in a playground of old school and ask questions with.

Here are the two children realizing that the old kind of school is the real school of fun and thinking about the fun they had in old kinds of school.

Conclution of The Fun They Had English Class 9 Notes – NCERT

The last time she was a little boy she was always thinking about the old schools their grandparents had. All the children in the neighborhood sat together on the school campus and laughed and shouted.

At the end of the day, we will go home together. They learned the same things so they could help each other with homework and talk about it. And the teachers are people …

The machine editor flashes on the screen: “When we add fractions …” Margie was wondering how the kids in the old days must have liked it. She was watching them having fun. these notes will help you more.

At Last Margie was been thinking that the children on those days must have real fun!!

the fun they had class 9 english notes

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