The Best Christmas Present In the World-class 8

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Introduction :

He saw one at a garbage store in Bridport. The best Christmas gift in the world was written by Michael Morpurgo. The story begins with the author’s decision about buying an old roll-top desk.

Summary :

It was in bad condition but fair. So, he brought it home thinking that it could be recovered. He started work on the eve of Christmas. He pulled out the drawers and found them in a damaged condition. The last drawer had to use more force to open it.

Finally, the drawer has opened and he found some space inside it. Inside the drawer, there was another drawer. In it was a dashed note, which read: “Jim’s last letter, dated January 25, 1915, to be buried with me when the time comes.” Inside the box, he found an envelope with the address “Mrs. Jim McPherson, 12 Copper Beaches, Britford, Dorset. He took the letter and spread it out. It was written in pencil above with a date – “December 26, 1914

At that time He found an envelope in that secret drawer. The author had read the letter. He found the Letter came from the German captain Jim McPherson. He had written a letter to his wife Connie. In this letter, Jim MacPherson described a wonderful experience that took place on the battlefield on Christmas Eve.

The British and Germans were involved in the war. By Christmas morning both forces were standing in their trenches. Someone from the German side was waving the white flag. Later, they were called up to the British soldiers. They wished the returning British soldiers a Merry Christmas. Surprisingly, some German soldiers began to move toward them. The captain was nervous as he thought they might attack themselves. But, they brought with them German wine and canned meat. They hugged each other and celebrated Christmas Eve. There was no gun between them. They tried to make peace in the middle of the war.

The German officer had moved towards a Jim MacPherson. He shook his hand with him and he introduced him to MacPherson as Hans Wolf. MacPherson was also introduced as he was a School teacher in Dorset. Hans wolf has said that he had heard about Dorset but he never visited Dorset in England. After that, they shared a cake.

Suddenly, another player brought the football out of the ground. The British and German players played in a friendly match. Both cheered the players on. Jim MacPherson wished that the problem between the two countries would be solved by football instead of war. He said so because no one dies in a football match – children are not orphaned or soldiers’ wives become widows. Finally, the football match came to an end. Germany won the match. After a while, everyone drank and enjoyed the food. MacPherson greeted Hans Wolf and said they would meet again with their families. Macpherson wrote to Connie that these movements were the happiest movement in his life. MacPherson ended the letter in the hope that the war would end soon and he was sure they would be together again

After reading the letter, the author put the letter back in the envelope. He decided to whom to give the letter. He got up early the next morning and went to Britainport. He is in house number 12 and the house was on fire. An elderly man living in the neighborhood said his house was on fire when a candle burned. However, he was rescued by firefighters and admitted to a nursing home at Burlington House on Dorchester Road.

The Author saw Mrs. MacPherson sitting in a chair. Naturally, she looked at the author blankly. But her eyes lit up when he called her ‘Connie’ and handed her the letter. He told me how he got the letter. But she did not listen to him. She reached out and took his hand. Her eyes filled with tears. She realized her Jim was back. She said she kept her promise to Jim. He had returned just before Christmas. She made him sit by her side. She kissed him on the cheek. She also spoke kindly to him for a long time. He said he had received the best Christmas gift in the world.

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