Selfish Giant Class 8 Summary

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The writer of this lesson Selfish Giant Class 8 Summary is Oscar Wilde. The message of the story is to spread coexistence and love. It is the story of a boy who was an angel of God and a selfish giant. He will not allow children to play in his garden. Thus, there was always winter in his garden. After seeing this boy, he realized that he was selfish. Thus, he allowed the children to play in his garden and play with them. Many years later, the giant became very weak. At that moment, the boy came and took him to heaven.

Summary of Selfish Giant Class 8 Summary

The story begins with children playing in the Giant Garden every afternoon after school. The garden was beautiful and large, with soft grass and fruit trees. The trees had fertile fruit and the birds sat on them and sang sweetly.

Seven years later one day the giant came back. He was staying with his friend Cornish Okra. The children were frightened to see him. He saw the children playing and said he would not allow anyone to play here because it was his own garden. He built a wall around it and put up a notice board.

The notice board read, ‘Violators will be prosecuted’. The children were sad because there was no other place to play. They will wander around the high walls of the garden, reminiscent of the beautiful garden within them. Spring came and there were flowers and little birds around.

Silence In the Garden

But there was winter and frost and snow in the giant’s garden. The birds did not sing in the absence of the children. Once a flower bloomed from the grass but after seeing the notice board, it too went back to sleep. Then came the north wind and hail. Due to the selfishness of the giant, the golden fruits of autumn did not come to his garden. Then one morning, the giant heard sweet and beautiful music. It was Linnet singing outside his window.

The hail and north wind stopped and he could feel the spring. He saw the children coming into his garden through a small hole. The children were sitting on the branches of the trees and the trees were blooming. He heard the birds flying and howling. The flowers also came up.

But, to his surprise, it was still winter in a corner. He saw a boy standing there, unable to reach the branches of the trees. The tree lowered its branches, but he could not climb. In this scene, his heart melted. He realized that he was actually very selfish. He put the boy on top of the tree, pulled down the walls, and decided to let the kids play here forever.

But when the children saw him, they ran away, and the garden became winter again. However, the boy did not run because he was crying. The giant put him on top of the tree and the tree bloomed at once. He kissed the giant.

Selfish Giant Class 8 Summary


The other children came back realizing that the giant was evil. Spring came back with them. The afternoon was spent playing with the giant children, but the boy was nowhere to be seen. As the years went by, he grew very weak. One winter morning, he saw a beautiful tree with white flowers in a corner. The branches of the tree were golden, and the little boy stood under it.

The boy was wounded, which made the giant very angry. He told the boy that he would kill anyone who harmed him. The boy said these were the wounds of love. The boy smiled and asked the giant to come to his garden. Later, the children saw the giant lying dead under a tree covered with white flower

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Selfish Giant Class 8 Summary

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