Classification of Matter

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Basic definition of Matter

In this classification of matter article, you will learn about the basic concept of matter. this article is the basis of the classification of matter and this article is very useful in class 9 first chapter. It is the short topic of the lesson.

The matter is anything that has volume and mass or we say that anything that has mass or occupies space is matter because Which we feel through a sense organ.

Classification of Matter

  1. Classification of MatterEarly Indian philosophers were classified into five type it is also panch-tatva. We call it air, water,earth, sky and fire.

2. Nowadays, the matter is also classified according to its physical properties and chemical nature.

Eg: solid, liquid and gas.

Physical Nature of Matter

1. Every matter is made up of certain particles which also differ in shape, size and nature.

2. So, the particles of matter are tiny.

Characteristics of matter

  1. Particles of matter also have space between them.

2. particles of matter are also in a state of continuous movement.

3. Particles of matter tend to diffuse.

4. Particles of matter attract each other.

Diffusion and Osmosis

The process by which molecules of a substance move from higher concentration to lower concentration is also called diffusion.

And also osmosis is the process in which the solvent molecules move from the lower concentration to higher concentration through the selectively permeable membrane is Osmosis.

According to biology diffusion is the process for the gas molecules to pass through a selectively permeable membrane (eg. Plasma membrane). So, Osmosis is the process by which the water molecules pass through such a plasma membrane.


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