Children At Work Class 8 Summary

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There are many reasons why children need to do some work to turn their family into a livelihood, while others fleeing their happy homes need to be supported by others.
An 11-year-old boy named Velu ran away from home. He wandered for hours before training without a ticket to Chennai. Will be tired and hungry. Not sure where to go when a stranger hears the welcome word at the station in the lesson Children At Work Class 8 Summary.

Summary Children At Work Class 8 Summary

A little girl, Jaya looked at him and talked. Jaya is a rock blower. Initially, he was reluctant to talk to her but she said he could arrange food for him. Thus, he agreed to go with her because he had no other choice. She took me through the bustling streets and traffic. Velu was a little scared to see so many vehicles on the road. As they passed the Central Jail, Jaya warned him not to get caught by the police.

Children At Work Class 8 Summary

They finally reached a wedding hall. Jaya found two bananas and a Wada in the trash. She fed Velu but he was reluctant to eat it. Hungry he had no choice but to do so. Jaya gave Vel a sliced ​​banana and ate a banana herself. After eating, she took him to her home. It is a cottage. It was made from waste materials such as old tires, plastic sheets, and bricks.


Jaya also gave Velu an excuse and asked him to help her. She explained to him that she takes all the scrap stuff from there and then sells it to the scraper. Scraper sells them to factories. Thus, Velu also became a rocker now. However, once he got another job, he decided he would quit his job as a ragpicker.

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