Resources lesson 1 class 8 geography Notes

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Introduction Resources lesson 1 class 8 geography Notes

In this lesson, Resources lesson 1 class 8 geography Notes which means our surroundings or our surrounded objects.

You are able to understand how resources are divided because that will make us conserve the natural
resources surrounding us. Further, the main resource we want to conserve is natural resources.

Therefore, You know how the small children have been taking measures to conserve the resource.
In these notes, you can able to form your understanding of the lessons.

Mona And Raju

What Is Reources ?

Raju ask questions to Amma. Finally, Mother has said look around you. Anything that is used to
satisfy your needs is known as a resource.

Hence, now we get an idea of what is mean by resources. So, the things which are surrounded us is known as resources.

Moreover, the common examples are water, electricity, vegetable. Similarly, the textbook is also a common example.
Similarly, time and technology are two key factors that have turned goods into resources.

Besides, both are related to the needs of the people. People were themselves was been the most important resource.
It is their ideas, knowledge, inventions, and also inventions that lead to the greatest resources also
for evolution. Because the invention leads to many things.

In addition, fire detection during cooking carried over to cooking and other processes.
Wheel, which eventually led to the development of new modes of transport.

Resources lesson 1 class 8 geography Notes

Clear Explain of Resources lesson 1 class 8 geography Notes

Anything that has value and utility is known as resources

Types of Resources

  1. Natural resources
  2. Human made resources
  3. Human resources

Natural Resources

So Resources that are derived from nature and used without much change are called natural
resources. For example, the air we breathe, the water in our rivers and lakes, the soil, the minerals are
all-natural resources.

Many of these resources are free gifts of nature and are used directly. The resources
are inconceivable so we want to use petroleum or diesel. Therefore, we want to conserve resources

But If we are going nearby place we can also take a walk or ride in the cycle.

Natural resources have been classified as

  • Renewable Resources
  • Non Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources

They are quickly updating or refilled. Some of these are unlimited and not affected by human activities such as solar and wind energy.

However, careless use of certain renewable resources for example water, soil and forest can
affect their existence.

Water seems to be an unlimited source of renewables. But the scarcity and drought of
natural water resources is a major problem in many parts of the world today.

Non Renewable Resources

Limited share of non-renewable resources. Resources that can not be renewed once or
Exhausted, takes thousands of years to renew or fill. This non-renewable reduced.

Natural resources are classified into different groups that depend upon their level of
development and use; origin; stock and distribution.

On the basis of devolepment it is classified as

  • Actual Resources
  • Potential Resources

Actual Resources

In actual Resources, the quantity of the sources known because these resources are currently in use.

Coal in the Ruhr region of Germany and petroleum in West Asia, the dark soils of the Deccan Plateau in Maharashtra are all real resources.

Potential resources

Sources are unknown to their full extent and used in restricted mode.

These resources may be used in the future, the amount of technology we currently use there is not enough to make resources easy to use.

An example of potential sources for future use of uranium found in Ladakh. two hundred years ago high-speed wind was a viable source.

Today they are a real resource and generate wind power because of wind farms like the Netherlands. You can also find some in Nagercoil and Gujarat beaches in Tamil Nadu.

Based On Orgin it is classified into

  • Biotic
  • Abiotic


Some Example of biotic is Soils, rocks, and minerals are abiotic but plants and animals are some examples of biotic


Abiotic resources are non-living while biotic resources is living and these abiotic resources like trees plants must conserved.

On the basis of distribution it is classified as

  • Ubiquitous
  • Localised


Natural resources found everywhere know ubiquitous resources, like air.


Natural resources found in a particular place known as localized resources like
copper or iron ore. And these resources conserved mainly.

Human Made Resources

Sometimes, natural products become only resources When their original form changed and Iron ore Not fertile until people learn to extract iron from this.

People use natural resources to build buildings, bridges, roads, machinery, and vehicles these resources known as man-made resources, and Technology is too Man-made resources.

People was been use it to create more natural resources when they have
the knowledge, skills, and technology.

That is why human beings are a special resource. People human resources.
Education and health help to transform people into valuable resources.

Human resource development is when people are able to create more resources by improving
the quality of their skills.

Human Resources

People can create more nature Resources when they have the knowledge, skills, and technology.

That’s why a man’s Creatures are a special resource. Education and Health assistance to make people valuable.

Moreover, improving resource People’s abilities so they can know as generating more resources known as human resources

Resources lesson 1 class 8 geography Notes

Conservations of Resources

Careful use of resources and giving time to obtain them. This update is called Resource Conservation.

The future sustainable development we can able to conserve in many ways the resources. These resources use in limited quantities.

For Example, We want to use Electricity less amount because now there is a scarcity of coal in all places.

We want to turn off the fan when we go out for a reason.

There are many ways to conserve resources.

Every person had to contribute by reducing consumption, recycling, and Reusable things.

In the end, it can make a difference because The lives of all of us are connected.

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